Helena Astronomical Society

The Helena Astronomical Society is the Montana capital’s amateur astronomy club, dedicated to offering free, public educational outreach and special observatory nights for our members.  Regardless of your experience level, if you have an interest in astronomy you are welcome to join us.  HAS owns 2 telescopes--one that is permanently mounted in our Observatory and a smaller telescope that can be checked out by members.  Additionally, we have a good collection of books on astronomy for all interests and skills that are available through a lending library.


See our Meetings page for more details on our regular monthly meetings.



We've sold all of the eclipse glasses.  I do not know where you can get others.  For safe viewing of the eclipse without eclipse glasses, please see the following on how to make a pin hole projector.  It's easy and the best way to view the eclipse, especially for young children.



August Meeting Update

Our regulary scheduled meeting for August has been re-scheduled.  Our normal meeting time on August 18 happens to be the Friday before the eclipse and many of our members will already be either preparing to leave or already on the road.

Because of this, we've re-scheduled the August Meeting for August 21, sometime in the afternoon, in Idaho.

Regular meetings will resume in September.