We took a page from our neighbors to the west at the Big Sky Astronomy Club in the Flathead and hold our meetings on the Friday closest to the New Moon.  It doesn't matter if it is the Friday before or after the New Moon, just pick the closest one.

Our meetings will be held in Room 104 of "Suzanna's Place", an office building located at 512 Logan Street and part of the St. Paul's United Methodist Church campus in Helena.  The easiest way to find Suzanna's Place is to take 11th Ave to Logan Street and turn South. Logan Street will dead end right in the parking lot in front of Suzanna's Place.  You can also look for the Helena Astronomical Society's banner hanging next to the entrance to Suzanna's Place.

Here's a Google Maps link:

Our meeting schedule for 2017 is:

  • January 27 at 6pm (downstairs at the Brewhouse for this special celebration meeting)
  • February 24 at 7pm
  • March 24 at 7pm
  • April 28 at 7pm
  • May 26 at 7pm

​NOTE: summertime later hour to have better darkness for viewing afterwards

  • June 23 at 8pm
  • July 21 at 8pm
  • August 21 -- in Idaho and after the eclipse
  • September 22 at 7pm
  • October 20 at 7pm
  • November 17 at 7pm
  • December 15 at 7pm

Please join us!