HAS Bylaws

HAS Bylaws

These bylaws are intended to act as a set of operating instructions for the Helena Astronomical Society. They are short and simple and fully intended to be modified as needs must by a simple majority of active members.

Mission Statement

HAS shall exist at the pleasure of its many members and shall strive to promote all aspects of astronomy both to the membership and to the public at large through public viewings, as speakers and through engaging guest speakers, and any other activity deemed appropriate by the active members.


Anyone may join HAS.

Individual dues are $20 / yr, family memberships $30 / yr.

Dues are due in January and run for 1 calendar year. Individuals joining during they year may ask to have their dues prorated for the remainder of the year.

An individual's membership fees may be waived with a simple majority vote of active members.

Membership privileges include access to the HAS club's telescope and books from the reference library, voting in elections and being elected to office.


HAS shall have 3 officers with the following duties.

President: Sets the meeting agenda, public “face” to HAS and so be available for writing press releases and other public documents , be a signatory on the HAS checking account

Vice President: Shall take over the duties of the President when needed

Secretary/Treasurer: Shall record minutes at meetings, be a signatory and keep track of the bank account, dispense monies and collect dues, report on minutes and bank account at meetings.


Elections will be held at our January meeting for a term lasting 1 year. No one may seek the same office for more than 2 years in a row. Any member in good standing is eligible to vote in person and is eligible to seek and hold office.


Meetings are to be held on the Friday closest to the New Moon in each month. Meeting location to be determined by availability of places and size of the HAS membership but we should strive to remain in a single meeting location as much as possible.


HAS shall continue to maintain a website and not let the domain lapse or website become far out of date.